I am a person who has always wanted to help anyone and everyone and knew early on that I was meant to serve people on a greater level. This probably came most directly from my parents - my father, a neurologist always stressed the importance of using our gifts, talents and abilities for the greater good; and my mother always gave tirelessly of herself to us and others. I began serving as a public defender but life circumstances (the birth of our 4 sons in less than 5 years) led me to shift the ways in which I serve.  I discovered that I could begin in my local community through our local YMCA and became a yoga and fitness instructor but due to health concerns for my family and myself, nutrition really became my passion.  I continued to learn, grow and study to become an integrative nutrition health coach.  My mission is to not only inspire healthy living but to also offer solutions as well.

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“Ana’s knowledge, experience and heart helped me to gain confidence, achieve my goals and I am so grateful to her. I highly recommend Ana...” - Jackie